JSJ self-help books

Which book is best to purchase to start understanding Jin Shin Jyutsu?
If you are an experiential learner, the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Book 1, is a great place to start. It is simply written and, after a very brief historical/philosophical introduction, gets you right into learning and practicing self-help. Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Book 2 and Book 3, are similar in style. They introduce other aspects and approaches to practicing self-help. The emphasis in each book is on becoming your own testimony to the benefits and art of JSJ through doing self-help. These books can be ordered from jsjinc.net.

If you are a more visual-linguistic learner, you may prefer The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister. It begins with an in-depth discussion of the philosophy and history behind the work, provides an overview of all the material found in the three JSJ self-help books noted above, and introduces you to the 12 flows taught at the practitioner level of training. This book can be purchased through a bookstore or online seller. You may even be able to find it through your library system.

The Inner Stillness Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help hand charts are designed to support both styles of learning. The Main Central Study Chart and the Make A Hand Chart guide are study tools for Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Book 1, supporting the visual-linguistic learner within the experiential environment of the book. The other self-help hand charts provide quick and colorful references to support all students in the learning and practice of self-help.